Volume 35 (2012)

Feature Article

Front Matter

Grand Teton National Park Reports


Time of Eclosion and Mating Success of Male Sagebrush Crickets
Scott K. Sakaluk, Geoffrey D. Owner, Colleen M. McGrath, Charles Collins, Jennifer Adams, Eric Bastien, Nathan Jarvis, Julia Tomasson, Livia Zihlmann, J. Chadwick Johnson, Rebecca Halpin, Gina Hupton, and W. Andrew Snedden


Grand Teton National Park Focused Visitor Survey
Pat Stephens Williams, Ray Darville, and Michael Legg

Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem Reports

Yellowstone National Park Reports


Aspen, Elk and Wolves in Yellowstone: Are Aspen Recovering Since the Return of Wolves
Luke E. Painter, William J. Ripple, Robert L. Beschta, and Eric J. Larsen


Comparing Stream Invertebrate Assemblages Before and After Wildfire in Yellowstone National Park
Lusha M. Tronstad, J. Cody Bish, Robert O. Hall, and Todd M. Koel

Intern Reports

Classes at the UW NPS Research Station


Field Research and Conservation
Chuck Collis and Jennifer Adams