Volume 36 (2013)

Front Matter

Grand Teton National Park Reports


Describing the Mountainsnails (Oreohelix Sp.) of Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
Lusha Tronstad, Gary Beauvais, Jeanne Serb, and Kevin Roe

Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem Reports

Yellowstone National Park Reports


Paths of Recovery: Landscape Variability in Forest Structure and Function 25 Years after the 1988 Yellowstone Fires
Monica G. Turner, Winslow D. Hansen, Timothy G. Whitby, William H. Romme, and Daniel B. Tinker


Old Faithful Visitor’s Center Exhibit Observation Study
Pat Stephens Williams, Ray Darville, and Sarah Fuller

Intern Report


UW-NPS Wilderness Internship
Shannon Glendenning

Classes at the UW NPS Research Station


Field Research and Conservation
Chuck Collis and Jennifer Adams


Iowa State University Field Trip Report: Ecology and Evolution in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem
Diane M. Debinski, Robert Klaver, Julie Blanchong, and Sue Fairbanks