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Class at the UW NPS Research Station

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A NASA-funded research team met May 19-22 at the AMK Ranch for a semi-annual team workshop. Participants included: Montana State University – Andy Hansen, Tony Chang, Regan Nelson, Nate Piekielek Woods Hole Research Center – Patrick Jantz, Scott Zolkos NPS Inventory & Monitoring Program – John Gross, Bill Monahan Great Northern LCC – Tom Olliff NASA Ames – Forrest Melton, Jun Xiong Guest – Steve Running (University of Montana) Chef – Jodi Stevens The goal of the project is to demonstrate the four steps of climate adaptation planning in two US Department of Interior Landscape Conservation Cooperatives (LCCs) using NASA and other data and models. Objectives are: 1. Hindcast and forecast future climate and land use scenarios. 2. Assess the vulnerability of ecological processes and key habitat types. 3. Evaluate management options. 4. Design and implement management adaptation strategies. 5. Facilitate decision support.