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Class at the UW NPS Research Station

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Since its inception as a Summer Innovative Course in 2000, the Department of Art Summer Outdoor Studio class has been exceptionally grateful for the opportunity to stay and work at the AMK Research Station as part of the three week summer intensive course. For art students, the dramatic setting and accommodation are inspiring and it is a highlight of the experience. From the AMK Ranch, students have full access to Grand Teton NP, Yellowstone NP as well as the National Wildlife Museum in Jackson. Last year we scheduled a docent tour of the Wildlife museum and attended an informative lecture on Native Art in the National Parks at the Coulter Bay Visitors Center. Art students appreciate the interaction with student researchers from different science disciplines. Often those conversations have direct impact on the creative work students produce during their stay. The AMK staff and, in particular, Professor Hank Harlow have offered us incredible hospitality and generosity. Professor Harlow’s knowledge of the geology, biology, and history of Grand Teton National Park is invaluable to this course. Also, his enthusiasm for art and scientific research is infectious. Our stay at the AMK always culminates in an exhibition of student and faculty creative work, hosted by Hank Harlow, UW NPS Research Station Director.