Volume 38 (2015)

Front Matter

Research Project Reports: Geology


Geophysical and Geomorphological Analysis of the Teton Fault, Wyoming
Mark Zellman, Glenn Thackray, Amie Staley, Harrison Colandrea, Nick Patton, and Dan O'Connell

Research Project Reports: Ecology


Introduced American Bullfrog Distribution and Diets in Grand Teton National Park
Lauren M. Flynn, Tess M. Kreofsky, and Adam J. Sepulveda


Small Mammal Movements and Fire History: Testing the Long-Term Effects of the 1988 Huckleberry Mountain Fire
Hayley C. Lanier, Lorraine L. Carver, Zachary P. Roehrs, Meredith A. Roehrs, and R. Scott Seville


Characterizing Biodiversity of Alpine Streams in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
Lusha M. Tronstad, Scott Hotaling, J. Joseph Giersch, Debra S. Finn, Oliver J. Wilmot, and Mark D. Anderson

Research Project Reports: Cultural Resources

Research Project Reports: Human Dimensions of Resource Management


Exploring Vertical Wilderness in the Acoustic Environment
Derrick Taff, Lauren Abbott, and Peter Newman

Intern Report

Class at the UW NPS Research Station

Conferences and Meetings