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Grand Teton National Park Report

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The primary overall objective of inventorying the macrofungi growing in and around Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks was partially achieved with the published checklist (McKnight 1982) and additions from the 1982 Research Center Annual Report (McKnight, Harper, & McKnight 1984). The intensive collecting of the 1982 fruiting season including a 12-week phenological study at 11 selected sites left many species unidentified and numerous others observed but not collected, or with inadequately annotated collections made. Litter and soil moisture data for the 11 study stands are also given in the 1982 annual report cited above, as well as data on 15 overstory and understory vegetation and soil parameters. Field studies in the Parks during the summer of 1983 concentrated on (1) identification of chlorophyllous and vascular plants at the 11 sites selected for concentrated study in 1982; (2) quantitative estimates of chlorophyllous plant cover and height; (3) estimates of site quality; (4) collections of composite soil samples; and (5) additional records of macrofungi for the Parks with supporting data in the form of photographs, drawings, and annotations.