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Grand Teton National Park Report

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The Teton Range has experienced at least two pulses of uplift during the Cenozoic era. The earliest uplift, around 50-60 Myr. ago, was associated with the Laramide Orogeny, and it produced an unknown amount of uplift of the ancestral Teton-Gros Ventre Range. The more recent uplift is a Plio-Pleistocene phenomena, in which several thousand meters of uplift can be documented through offsets of isochronous strata. During these pulses of uplift, the range has been differentially warped, such that the center of the range has been uplifted to a greater extent than the northern and southern terminations of the range. This differential uplift can be easily delineated by tracing the Precambrian-Cambrian unconformity along the axis of the range as it ascends from either end towards its highest point in the center.