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Grand Teton National Park Report

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This study has four principal objectives. The first was to locate and map the major areas in the Grand Teton National Park and the Rockefeller Memorial Parkway that have been disturbed or altered from their natural condition by modern man's activities. We were particularly concerned with those lands added to the Park in 1950 and up to the present. The second objective was to document the nature and extent of the disturbance at each site, including date of disturbance and the historical context in which the disturbances occurred. The third objective was to evaluate disturbed sites for cultural resource significance, whether or not artificial measures are needed to restore the sites to acceptable natural conditions, and how well they have progressed toward satisfactory restoration since they were disturbed. The final objective was to develop general guidelines and site specific plans for restoring or rehabilitating disturbed sites using information from the scientific and applied management literature and information that can be obtained from the disturbed sites themselves as to expected rates of natural recovery and the effectiveness of artificial measures that have been used previously.